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What is BunnyBytes?

Bringing LIVE entertainment to the Web 3 Space.
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    BunnyBytes Thesis
We are simply put a community-based, art-driven, utility-facilitated IP Brand. What we mean by this is that although the community is our main priority, we are not neglecting the technical utility side. We plan to tackle this by releasing a series of platforms revolving around the aspect of LIVE entertainment, an area that is severely lacking in Web 3.
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    Under Promise, Over Deliver
Our first platform BunnyBonanza, a LIVE raffle platform in collaboration with HELIO, is already live before mint. Our motto is under promise, over deliver, and more than that we believe in providing value and definite future plans before mint rather than focusing solely on speculative marketing techniques.
Aka, we are doing things the right way...
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    Here to Stay
Nonetheless, BunnyBytes is here to stay, it's here to make an impact. We believe that with hard work, dedication, and commitment, combined with amazing pfp-able art, utility platforms, and an amazing community, SKY IS THE LIMIT.

See you in The Magic Land!

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